GSH Tech Agent bringing Ecocapsule to the Nordics

The outsourced sale company, GSH Tech Agent and Ecocapsule collaborate to introduce new, sustainably way of tourism in the Nordics.

Covid-19 has had an impact on all of us and on all aspects of life and work. One of the hardest hit areas has been tourism. Pandemic has brought an attention shift from international travel to local vacations, put pressure on social distancing and cause an increased demand for outdoor stays. Combined with pre-Covid growing interest in more sustainable way of holidaymaking, clearly indicate that tourism as we know it is in a need of a change. Ecocapsule represents just such change and GSH is proud to represent them in the Nordics.

Ecocapsule is an elegant, mobile, and technologically unique micro-unit only powered by solar and wind energy. The solution is the ultimate answer both as a virus-free form of accommodation for hotels and resorts, or as a sustainable way of traveling and holiday spending for individuals. The biggest advantage of Ecocapsule is its off-grid feature – an independence from city infrastructure, high mobility, and smart structure.

About the collaboration, Managing director, Anne Høyer says:

“GSH is excited about this collaboration, not only because Ecocapsule enables to experience outstanding stay in a nature and safe vacation, but also because of its sustainable features and beautiful design. GSH believes that Ecocapsule matches eco-consciousness strong in the Nordics and befits diverse landscapes from white beaches of Denmark, lush forests of Sweden, thousands of lakes of Finland to grand mountains of Norway.”

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