Industry 4.0

Anne Høyer – BTO Industry 4.0

Anne is an expert in IoT data-driven innovation, who started her technology career at SAP and quickly progressed to a global role in the industry. Latest heading the SAP innovation practice for the CGI Southern Europe.

In 2017 Anne was named one of the top 30 inspirational women in Technology by and in 2019 she was elected official Goodwill Ambassador for the Grater Copenhagen Region, globally representing her country’s capital in technology. Anne holds several board seats in the tech space and is a frequent keynote speaker and business advisor on the topic of innovation.


Modest Tree is an award-winning modeling, training, and simulation company that uses innovative software to provide customized augmented reality and virtual reality training and marketing solutions. Recognized as leaders in training innovation, we work with OEMs, airlines, and military clients to accelerate learning and facilitate remote collaboration using immersive technologies.

Daizy is the plumbing of IoT, the agnostics and pre-onboarded middle layer between device and analytics. Daizy combines the expertise of global data services with groundbreaking device innovation to enable humans to understand and respond to the world’s internet of things.