Is your tech solution ready to be introduced to new markets?

At GSH Tech Agent we represent technology companies from all over the world in portfolio offerings led by international industry experts and driven by local sales representatives.

We provide various services in business development and sales support to build your pipeline and customer portfolio. This way, we pave the way for your business through cultural adaptability, subject matter expertise and agility.

Through quality customer engagement, a well-established international ecosystem, and clear KPIs, we test the market to ensure sustainable growth, product-market fit, and new market revenue.

No business is the same.

This is also why we follow a structured approach to market assessment, lead generation and deal closure while valuing transparency, clear communication and of course a deep understanding of your specific solution.

Our offerings

  • Market assessment
  • Source pre-qualification leads
  • Build pipeline
  • Manage qualified meetings
  • Create local business cases
  • Partner and channel management
  • Co-drive PoCs
  • Support and influence full sales cycles.
  • Account
We investigate

Conduct market assessment analysis

Market analysis is a very important aspect when entering a new market. It explores features of the potential market, its advantages and barriers, how your solution fits in and provides overall data supporting your market entry. We prepare the final market assessment report by incorporating our intimate knowledge of Scandinavian market, throughout investigation and expertise of our topic owners.

Strategy the market entry

We bring information from the market assessment report and turn it into a strategy and action points tailored for you and your solution. This ensures that the market entry is based on real data, follows a structure and has KPIs.

Deliver fully encompassing market entry strategy

We do not only form an informed strategy for you, but we also lead and deliver it for you. Our local team and topic owner is there to conduct the whole process, being active and engaged in all aspects.

We deliver

Qualified leads

We investigate and connect with people who could potentially become your customers. They are identified based on a set criteria according your product/company profile. We also build a sales pipeline for you in which we manage different stages of purchasing process. We track each of your potential customer, move them through the different stages e.g. when a contact is made, when a prospect becomes a qualified lead etc.

Remote discovery meetings

To be more effective, faster and cheaper, we conduct remote discovery meetings to understand your business, its goals, strategy, operation and marketing processes, in-depth knowledge of your solution. We also conduct remote discovery meetings on your behalf with your potential customers. The sole purpose is to ensure, that there is always a fitting match and a high-level of understanding on both sides.

Product demonstrations

By having clear and deep understanding of your solution, we can lead product demonstrations with your potential clients in order to introduce them to the solution.

We lead

Customer workshops

We organize and lead workshops on your behalf with potential customers. In this way, our on-the-grounds team is responsible for setting up all the details, managing the whole process which could be burdensome and expensive for you from abroad, and the potential customers get to see and test a concrete solution in person.

This is part of our standard service where we not only build a pipeline for you but provide hands-on approach and acquired in-depth knowledge of your product/solution to truly represent it.

Proof of concept

By creating a proof of concept that tests your idea we ensure that you offer the best version of your product for a given market simultaneously saving time and money. Such proof of concept is also valuable to fuel internal support for an expansion or to provide a proof for investors that your product is worth to invest in.

Account management

Besides managing the whole sales circle for you, we also manage already existing relationships with your customers. This ensures continuality and trust among the customers that they are being valued, have a clarity in who is being responsible for them and whom they can turn to at any point.