Ann Rosenberg – BTO Sustainability

Ann has 25 years of experience in the corporate world working with sustainability and purpose.

She was part of founding SDG Ambition with UN Global Compact and has dedicated her life to serving as a trailblazer for the UN SDGs.

Ann co-created and launched SDG Ambition with UN Global Compact at the WEF in Davos, which challenges and supports companies in being more strategic, and transformative in how they run their businesses to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and build on the ESG framework.

Being a frequent keynote speaker, as well as an author she is well known in the industry.


Urban Health Farms aims to revolutionise the way food is produced and distributed through indoor vertical farms at the cutting-edge intersection between agriculture and technology.

Urban Health Farms will take a proven concept that is scalable, safe and healthy, and use it to create a global network of indoor vertical farms that will nourish the Earth’s population.
Their experience with indoor vertical farming has demonstrated it can solve a number of major global issues including a growing population, agricultural inefficiencies and climate-related environmental obstacles.

Ecocapsule is smart, self-sustainable micro-unit, which utilizes solar and wind energy. It allows people to stay in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury of a hotel room.

Ecocapsule is a design way for independent living. It can become a cottage, pop-up hotel, mobile office, research station or anything you want it to be. We have engineered the product from scratch to be as self-sufficient, practical and functional as possible.

Style Lend is a peer-to-peer dress rental community. Members can monetize those dresses sitting in their closet and when they need a dress for an event they can rent one from another stylish woman on the platform, instead of buying a dress to wear only once.